Ken's Economics Class
Extra Credit Assignment for Cycles 2 & 4

If you have submitted at least half of all assigned home works and have not been absent for any of the in-class exams, you may submit an extra credit assignment.
Types of Project
You may submit one of the following types of projects as an Extra Credit Assignment;
Project Type One
A four-page typed report with a complete Bibliography
Project Type Two
A twenty minute in-class presentation. You may use Microsoft PowerPoint or a Web Application to create a multimedia presentation.
Topics to Select From
• International Monetary Fund (IMF) World Bank
• North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

• The History of the Industrial Workers of the World (Labor union in the United States)• World Trade Organization (WTO)
• A choice of your own not covered in class and that is pre-approved by Ken
Be sure you report or presentation answers the following questions
• What is the importance of the topic you selected?
• How are (were) people effected by the topic you are writing about?
• Discus the points of view of both supporters and critics of the topics you chose.
• Include your own viewpoint(s)
How to do this assignment
1. You must let Ken know you are doing this EXTRA work by Monday, December 3.
2. This is independent work - you are responsible for it's accuracy and presentation
3. Explain everything you cover in your assignment completely
4. Do your own work - do not copy from web sites or encyclopedias.
5. Your work must be presentable - typed and formatted properly or in the case you decide to use PowerPoint, the presentation must work and make sense.
6. Your work must be done on time
7. This is EXTRA work. This means your are still responsible for everything else in class and that this assignment is going to be counted in addition to the required work - not in lieu of it!
Due Date
See Ken