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Review of Laisse Faire: An Examination of California's Energy Crisis

In the modern sense the term Laisse Faire and Free Market mean about the same thing; minimal government involvement in the economy. The United States has seen a push over the last 20 years to privatize public services and/or dismantle laws that attempt to regulate particular markets.

Free market proponents often advocate that consumer cost can be decreased and services improved if private companies took over government services or are allowed to operate with fewer government laws and regulaltions. The public has seen changes in last two decades to laws regulating air flight, bus routes, banking, telecommunications, as well as the privatization of public hospitals, administrative services and schools.

But does Adam Smith's Invisible Hand really exist? Will consumer demand force suppliers to provide their goods and services at a fair and reasonable price? This assignment examine Free Market policy in California where regulations regarding the distribution and sale of electricity were deregualted.

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In the economic sense, what do consumers expect from the government?

What should be the government's role in the economy?

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The California Energy Commission explains how the state gets its electricity

The energy company explains why they have to shut off the Electricity.

California State Auditor/Bureau of State Audits's report on energy deregulation.

A citizen group opposed to deregulation

A Critique of the media's coverage of deregulation in California ( Sound file )

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