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Sweatshop Labor Web Assignment #1

How does Disney treat the workers who produce those cute, lovable items we adore so much?

­Below are links to several web sites reporting on the working conditions of factories where products for Disney are produced. Your assignment is to select several of these links and investigate to find as much information as possible in order to create an accurate picture of what it's like to work in a factory that produces products for Disney.

  1. After reviewing the links below and collecting information, please answer the following questions. Please say which site you used to find your answer.
  2. What is a sweatshop? Describe the conditions of Disney's overseas factories.
  3. Why do American companies employ workers in foreign countries? Describe in detail why it seems to be to their advantage to employ sweatshop labor overseas.
  4. What are the criticisms of so-called sweatshop labor? What is it that people find objectionable about sweatshop labor?
  5. How have some Americans responded to the labor practices of Disney? What actions have people taken after they have found out about what Disney does? What are shareholders doing?

­Use the links provided below to investigate the labor practices of Disney. You are encouraged to find additional sources of information.

­Feature | Blood, Sweat & Shears ­Phenomenal Complexity Theory
­Working for Disney Is No Fairy Tale ­Disney-Stockholders' response
­1997-98 programs ­March Labor Notebook
­Sweatshops Disney Action Campaign 2 ­REGENERATIONtv
­Conditions in Haiti ­RTMark: Labor Mutual Funds New projects
­Sweatshop Updates ­Working for the Rat Disney in Haiti
­Human Rights for Workers Bulletin ­The Walt Disney Company | Buyer Profile
­Disney - Where the Magic Lives Online! Disney Investor Relations
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