Economics Class
Photo Achieve of Fall 2004 Daily Lessons
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Unit I: Living in a Global Economy
  Examination of the economic concept of scarcity and various economic systems.  
Unit II: The United States Economic System
09/21/04 Price Tracking Project  
  Baby-sitter Shortage in Washington, DC  
  Supply & Demand Web Assignment 2  
  Supply & Demand Web Assignment 3 This assignment focuses on the recent Energy Deregulation Debacle in California. The concept of Laisse Faire will be reviewed.  
  Review of Laisse Faire. Was the energy crisis in California preventable?  
Unit III: The Enterprise System and the United States Economy
03/05/03 Small Business Web Quest Assignment: Students create a business plan for a small company.  
03/12/03 Film Viewing: Start-up . com.  
  Ben & Jerry's Reading (MS Word Document)  
  Film Viewing: Roger & Me. Students will take a closer look at the causes and effects of unemployment. Worksheet for watching the movie Roger & Me (MS Word Document)  
Unit IV: Labor and Business in the United States
  Film Viewing: American Dream: After decades of losing its power, union workers decided to take a stand against one of the nation's largest corporations. Meat pakers broke away from their national union and struck against Hormel.  
  Labor Conditions at Wal-Mart Web Quest Assignment: As a dozen US States bring suit against the country's largest retailer, students will learn about labor rights & law, the role of unions and make ethical decisions about jobs.  
Unit V: Money, Finance, and Personal Finance

What do people earn? In this web-based lesson, students will investigate which industries hired the most people in New York City, how much these people are paid, what the real cost of living is and decide if people earn enough money to sustain their lifestyles.

  1. Click here for the lesson.

  2. Click here to see wages in New York City.

  3. Click here to see national wages.
Unit VI: Making Fiscal and Monetary Policy
  Case Study of Current Inflation Rate  
  Why Cities Provide Tax Breaks Even When They are Strapped for Revenue?  
Unit VII: Impact of Globalization on the Economies of Other Nations
  Sweatshop Assignment Assignment #1  
  Reading: Gap's Sweatshops in El Salvador (MS Word Document)  
  Film Viewing: Sweating for a T.  
  World Trade Organization Assignment  
  Reading: World Trade Organization - Invisible Government  
  Film Viewing: This Is What Democracy Looks Like.  
Text Used In Class
  Economics For Everybody . This will be our main text used for in-class assignments.  
  Learn To Earn: A Beginners Guide to the Basics of Investing and Business. Large portions of Peter Lynch's book will used during Unit V; Money, Finance and Personal Finance. (The supply of these books comes impart from the generosity of SIAC.)  
  Ultimate Field Guide to the US Economy There will be handouts from this book whenever we need to examine the economic condition of people in the United States  
  Invisible Government: The World Trade Organization?Global Government for the New Millennium? [A Primer]
By Debi Barker and Jerry Mander
  Rethinking Globalization: Teaching for Justice in an Unjust World. Edited by Bill Bigelow and Bob Peterson  
    Booklets from the San Francisco branch of the Federal Reserve Bank will be used during our unit on banking.  
    Teaching materials, student practice sheets and forms from the Internal Revenue Service will be used during our unit on taxes  
Films Used In Class
    Roger & Me Recommended by the New York State Board of Regents, this Academy Award winning film depicts the destruction of Flint, Michigan, the birthplace of General Motors by the company. We will fast forward and block the television during the "bunny-rabbit scene" Documents the starting up of a commercial Internet web site during the "Internet Boom"  
    American Dream This Academy Award winning film documents the famous P-9 strike in Iowa against Hormel.  
    One Man Band Goes to Wall Street. A lighthearted cartoon that describes how securities are sold on the American Stock Exchange. This film was donated to Pacific High School by SIAC  
    The Money Circle A promotional film supplied by the Dallas Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank demonstrate the functions of The Fed and how capital flows through the economy.  
    Sweating for a Tee This 23 minute film was produced by a college freshman and shows her trip to sweat shops in Honduras. The interviews with both managers and workers make this film invaluable.  
    Life and Debt Although it has yet to be released on home video/DVD, it is winning praise for it's well researched depiction of the harsh economic conditions in Jamaica caused by Globalization.  
    This is What Democracy Looks Like shows how America has responded to Globalization. This film captures the violent actions by Seattle police in brutal detail. American citizens are gassed and shot at in this film. Students may be excused from viewing this film.  


    Informational Page for Company Profile Assignment & Stock Market Game  
    Extra Credit Assignment for Cycles 2 & 4  
    Guidelines for typewritten work (MS Word Document)  
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