Kids moved movie goers went it came out. Some people chose to leave the theatre not long after they began to watch it, others in the middle of the film. then there were those who ran out crying at the end and few who sat quietly while the credits rolled.



Please write a movie review in your journal;

The following outline offers the basic elements that should be found in any good movie review.  Not all of the elements listed below may be applicable to all movies, however, these criteria provide a general overview for all components that should be included in a basic movie review.
___Title of Review
___Name of movie being reviewed
___Location of movie theater where movie was seen
___Date of when movie was reviewed
___Phone number of movie theater
___Name of author/reviewer
___Credentials of author/reviewer
___Contact address of author/reviewer
___Intended Audience (Children, Teenagers, Young Adults, Adults)
___Rating (G, PG, PG-13, R)
___Type of Movie
___Opening Date
___Name of producer
___Length of Movie
___Actors/Actresses in Movie
___Are the characters in the movie easy to understand?
___Rate Acting
___Sound (Digital?)
___Hours movie is showing
___Admission charge into movie
___Crowdedness (Do you need to buy your tickets early?)
___Does it have a brief plot ?
___Give a brief summary of the plot...but do not spoil the ending!
___Is the movie easy to follow?
___Compare to other movies
___What other movies has this director done?
___Overall rating

Your review should be objective and impartial, and should be carefully written.  When writing a movie review, make sure to not give the ending away!


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