Globalization Class
    Text used in class Films Used in Class      
Unit I: Living in a Global Economy
  Examination of the economic concept of scarcity and various economic systems.  
Unit II: Historical Background
  Historical Overview of global economics  
Unit III:
  World Trade Organization Assignment  
  Reading: World Trade Organization - Invisible Government  
  Film Viewing: This Is What Democracy Looks Like.  
Unit IV: Sweatshops
  Sweatshop Assignment Assignment #1  
  Reading: Gap's Sweatshops in El Salvador (MS Word Document)  
  Film Viewing: Sweating for a T.  
Unit V: Child Labor
Unit VI: Food Supply
Unit VII : Culture, Consumption and the Environment
Unit VIII: Impact of Globalization on the Economies of Other Nations
  Globalization Webquest: Examination of The Developing World  
Text Used In Class
  Economics For Everybody . This will be our main text used for in-class assignments.  
  Rethinking Globalization: Teaching for Justice in an Unjust World. Edited by Bill Bigelow and Bob Peterson  
  Invisible Government: The World Trade Organization?Global Government for the New Millennium? [A Primer]
By Debi Barker and Jerry Mander
Films Used In Class
    Sweating for a Tee This 23 minute film was produced by a college freshman and shows her trip to sweat shops in Honduras. The interviews with both managers and workers make this film invaluable.  
    Life and Debt Although it has yet to be released on home video/DVD, it is winning praise for it's well researched depiction of the harsh economic conditions in Jamaica caused by Globalization.  
    This is What Democracy Looks Like shows how America has responded to Globalization. This film captures the violent actions by Seattle police in brutal detail. American citizens are gassed and shot at in this film. Students may be excused from viewing this film.  
    Guidelines for typewritten work (MS Word Document)  
Updated: 10/16/05