Ken's Workshops at

Information Technology High School

Summer 2005

What's Going On?

The purpose of PD at ITHS is to provide as many teachers in NYC who want to use the technology in their teaching, the opportunity to work with some of the pioneers in successful technology use in the classroom. ITHS is a school devoted to the integration of technology for instruction. As an integral school in the Region 4 technology TitleIID plan, ITHS has become a technology hub. We are bringing in teachers from the other boros to participate in our PD. ITHS will be offering a stimulating and useful technology based PD this summer. The teachers who will attend may come from any school in NYC. We have assembled a dynamic and very capable cadre of seasoned technology teachers and trainers. The teachers who have registered so far represent a variety of k-12 teachers from 3 boros.

Sessions will run from July 11 to August 5, from 9-3 five days a week. We will be modeling the technology classroom. PD will be project based. PD will be in a computer lab of 34 computers and or in classrooms with wireless laptops. We will be using Smartboards, as well. We know the PD we are offering will generate growth in your schools.

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Summer Sessions With Ken Stein

It feels really great to work with the other trainers this summer because not only do we miss each other's laughter, but we enjoyed co-teaching exchanging ideas about teaching and technology, and most of all working with the teachers who sign on to workshops like these. Teaching can be a craft, but only when we share ideas and the products of our labor. This workshop will give teachers that opportunity.

In the last few years Ken has been involved with a number of projects with the New York City Writing Project including the use of Blogs, a National Reading Initiative teacher inquiry and has begun a self-study on the way people read the Internet.

After eight years at Pacific High School in Brooklyn, Ken began working at Satellite Academy's Midtown site. He is looking forward to having discussions about using technology with students who struggle in school with reading and writing.

Scheduled Sessions    

Tabbed Browsing With FireFox

People are switching browsers and changing the way they 'read' the Internet. Participants will be exposed to Firefox Web browser, tabbed browsing, subscribing to feeds that allow internet users to preview updated web page content with out going to that page, annotating bookmarks and using Wikipedia.


Digital Gallery Walking

Workshop attendees will create their own web-based gallery walk where students can apply text to images in real time.


What Else Do You Get From Ken?

Ken will allow you to call him from across a room to help you with your web animation and web page building projects, the mess you might create using Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Quark Xpress, or show you how to use some of the advanced features in MS Word to create a document that looks like you photocopied a Regents Exam. he also loves playing with digital cameras.

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