Constitutions from Around the World

The idea of many constitutions are to provide a framework for governments and their citizens to understand their rights and privileges.

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After getting a list of countries to research, use the references below to answer the questions in the Process section and a create comparison chart with your partner. Remember to see your teacher to get the names of the two countries your team will research.

If you are doing this assignment at Pacific High School, please use the MS Word Template that has been provided for you.

  1. Go to your Documents folder (that's the one with your name on it)
  2. Look for Shared Documents
  3. Inside you find a MS Word template named World Constitutions

The questions are already typed out for you in a two-column format.

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  1. What are the similarities amongst the constitutions you looked at?

  2. What are stated purposes of the governments in the constitutions you looked at?

  3. What limits on government are described in the constitutions you looked at?

  4. What are the rights of the people in the constitutions you looked at?

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Constitutions from around the world.

CIA World Fact Book

Flags of the World

Maps of the World

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How will your work be graded/evaluated?

Is your group's chart easy to read?

How well can it be displayed in class?

Does it answer this assignment's questions?

Is the information provided accurate as well as concise?

How well did you work with your partner?

Did you include flags and maps of the countries you researched?

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State Standard 5.1, National Standards I and II

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  Updated: 02/22/04