Participation in Government Class
Participation in Government Class Assignments
Unit A: Philosophical Foundations and Comparative Perspectives
02/06/04 What is the purpose of government? What might life be without it?  
  Learn about John Locke and the idea of the Social Contract.  
  Film Viewing: The Ox Bow Incident  
  Examination of the US Constitution  
02/12/04 What are the roles of and limits on law, government and politics? Take a look at constitutions from around the world.  
Unit B: Citizenship in Comparative Perspective
Week of 02/23/04 How does a citizen become a citizen? An examination and comparison of the rights of citizens, naturalized citizens, resident aliens and illegal aliens in the United States.  
 Week of 03/01/04 A 5¢ Tip: How do we treat recent immigrants?  
 Week of 03/01/04 Examining Human Rights (Part I). What are the rights of people living elsewhere in the world? Students will examine the conditions of Gypsies in Slovakia.  
  The Deportation of Slick Rick. Students will review the differences between the rights of those living in the United States.  
Unit C: Citizenship Participation, and the Electoral Process
Week of 03/22/04 Conducting Political Polls: How do politicians decide how they will relate to voters? How do they use surveys and polls to make decisions about their campaigns?  
Week of 04/19/04 Election 2000 and the implications of Bush v. Gore. We will study the Supreme Court decision that decided the outcome of the 2000 Presidential election.  
Week of 04/26/04 Film Viewing: Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election  
  New York's Political Parties. New Yorkers have several political parties to chose from when they go to vote. What are the roles of these parties and what do these choices mean to voters?  
  School Visit by City Councilman David Yassky.  
  Film Viewing: Times of Harvey Milk  
Unit D: Legal Obligations of American Citizenship
05/19/04 Jury Duty in New York  
  What are the duties of American citizens?  
05/24/04 Review of the New York State Juror's handbook  
05/25/04 Film Viewing: 12 Angry Men  
06/03/04 Film Viewing: Thin Blue Line  
  Review of the Judicial Process: Central Park Jogger Case  
06/08/04 Selective Service: The History and process of the draft.  
Unit E: Policy and Political Participation
06/10/04 What's 311? How is New York City's call center used?  
  Can We Dance? An examination of public policy and New York City's current cabaret laws.  
  Film Viewing: ¡Palente Siempre Palente!  
06/11/04 Lead-Based Paint. Citizens have complained for decades that the paint on the walls of apartments and under the bridges throughout the city is poisoning children. Learn about how citizens have taken action.  
  New York's Rent Laws. Apartment rentals are highly regulated in New York State and better than 70% of tenants live in Rent Stabilized apartments. Explore the role of government in people's lives.  
Education as a Civil Right
1/09/03 Class Handout: "Here Comes the Neighborhood: Charlotte and the resegregation of america's public schools". What has happened to the enforcement of Brown v. Board of Ed?  
  Schools in New York City:  
  Film Viewing: Eyes on the Prize II - Power!  

Recycling in New York City (Page 1). In April 2002, New York City suspended and altered parts of its recycling program. The mayor sought these changes to save money. Members of the City Council, community groups and environmentalists have been opposed to these new measures. How does New York grapple with these difficult decisions?

  Neil's class assignment on recycling  
Martin Luther King Day Special Assignment
01/15/04 Martin Luther King: War Resister? Examination of Dr. King's Beyond Vietnam Speech.  
Unit F: Legal Rights and Responsibilities
Unit G: Examination of Public Issues
Participation in Government Class Handouts and Worksheets
Guidelines for typewritten work  
  Web search chart  
Useful Links for Assignments and Research
New York City Government home page. You can find information about various city agencies and the mayor's office here.  
  New York City Council. You can find out about the history of the City Council and government and locate your city councilperson.  
  Amnesty International is a good resource to use for comparing human rights around the world as is Human Rights Watch and the United States Department of State's Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor.  
  The League of Women Voters provides materials on voting rights and registration.  
  The League of Women Voters maintains an affiliate site, DemocracyNet that monitors the issues of candidates around the country.  
  Kings County Clerk's Office. Find out what your rights are when you are summoned to serve on a jury in Brooklyn.  
  New York  
Read the Federalist Papers. All of the famous Federalist Papers can be reviewed and read from this web site.  
  The Constitution of the United States (only the Articles of it will be found here - not its amendments)  
  The Bill of Rights, otherwise known as the first 10 Amendments of the US Constitution  
Amendments to the US Constitution (Amendments 1 through 27).  
  Selective Service System  
  New York State's Constitution  
  Follow what the US Congress is and has been doing at the Congressional Quarterly's web site.  
Find a map

  Great web site with many links to help you do research.  
Extra Credit Assignments
Be sure to check with Ken before doing any extra credit work. You MUST have his approval to do this work.

Extra Credit Assignments for the Second Marking Period

  1. Create a three fold brochure that explains student rights in New York City's public schools.

  2. Produce a wall chart that compares duties citizens must comply with around the world.

  3. Make a poster that details how the Electoral College Works. Feel free to make references to the 2000 Election.

  4. Create a 10 - 20 minute video styled as a new report or news magazine depicting the events of the 2000 Presidential Election. You may work with a group of up to 3 classmates on this video.

Extra Credit Assignments for the Third Marking Period

  1. Produce a 10-20 minute video profiling a community group in your neighborhood.

  2. Create a travel brochure for the Fresh Kills landfill in Staten Island or the Red Hook Water Treatment Facility in Brooklyn.
  3. Make a newsletter about the economic impact since 9-11 on Chinatown
  Urban Think Tank - is a nonpartisan, community-based home for a body of thinkers in the Hip Hop generation. It is the first organization that analyzes and frames political, economic and cultural issues, particularly those of concern to people of color, from the perspective of the Hip Hop generation. Urban Think Tank, Inc. uses a multimedia strategy to encourage an open dialogue on subject matters and to influence public policy changes.  
  This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow offers political satire  
  Mark Fiorre's animated political cartoons. Fiorre is a San Francisco based artist who uses Flash animations to comment on both national and local politics. You will need Macromedia Flash to view the site.  
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