Jury Duty in New York State

Serving on a jury is a citizen's duty - - in other words it is something a citizen may be required to do. Below is the New York State's Juror's handbook

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Your group needs to select a

  • presenter,
  • a researcher
  • a recorder.

Each group will be called to present the information they were responsible for and will have to answer questions from the class about their work.

Questions For Jury A

  1. What qualifies someone to serve on a jury?
  2. Why must people serve on a jury when they are called to serve?
  3. How are people chosen to serve on a jury?
  4. Can jurors get paid for their service? Is there a time when they’re not?

Questions For Jury B

  1. What does a juror have to do once they are selected to serve?
  2. How does a prospective juror get excused from serving?
  3. How often do people serve on juries?

Questions For Jury C

  1. Besides jurors, who are the other people in the courtroom?
  2. What are their roles? What are the different trial courts of New York State? What are their differences?

Questions For Jury D

  1. How are jurors chosen to sit on a jury?
  2. How many jurors serve on a jury? Do different jurors have different roles?

Questions For Jury E

  1. How is a trial conducted? Explain each step?
  2. What are a juror’s rights and responsibilities?

Questions For Jury F

  1. Explain how a jury is expected to reach its verdict. Be sure to describe in brief detail all of the steps involved.

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Process - Things to think about for this assignment


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Resources - Where to get the information from

Juror's Handbook

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 Evaluation - How You Will be Graded


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 Conclusion - What will be discussed next

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  updated 12/06/03