The Ox Bow Incident

Thomas Hobbs and John Locke were thinkers of the Age of Enlightenment who helped shape our basic ideas about modern government. In this assignment we try to make an analysis of these ideas.

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Viewing the old western film The Ox Bow Incident starring Henry Fonda we will try to analyze the ideas of Hobbs and compare them to Locke and others. After viewing the film in class, please answer the questions listed under the "Process" section of this web page.

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Do we see characters in the Ox Bow Incident acting out Hobbs' idea of man in his natural State? Explain where and how you saw this in the film.

If the film is about a conflict between the rule of law and man's natural state, which one wins in this film? Describe the conflict you see in the film and battle that is played out.

in the film, what benefits does the rule of law bestow upon people?

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From the Internet Movie Data Base

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What happens when law loses its legitimacy?

What responsibilities do citizens have in maintaining law and order?

Should the will of the majority always prevail?

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State Standard 5.1, National Standards I and II

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