New York's Political Parties

New York State has a different political party system than most states. New York has a modified two-party system: a Democratic party with historic strength in New York City and upstate central cities, a strong Republican party with historic strength in suburbs and small cities and towns. New York State also has the Liberal and Conservative parties that cross-endorse major party candidates. The Independent, Right to Life, Green and Working Families parties long with a host of others also exist.

Voters in New York State can only vote for the parties they are registered to in Primary Elections. However most candidates run on more than one ticket or party.

The purpose of this assignment is to investigate New York's various politicial parties.

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Step One

Using the Microsoft PowerPoint template in your Group Shared folder, answer the following questions about the two parties you have been assigned to research;

  1. The stated purpose of the parties you are reporting on (What is their purpose?).

  2. What are the key or touchstone issues (Platform) the parties you are comparing.

  3. How large are these parties (See how many people voted for them in the last New York State Elections)? Are there particular groups of people who make up a large part of their membership?

Step Two

Create a Micrososft Word Document and answer the following questions;

  1. What are the pros and cons of having so many parties in New York State?

  2. Does having many choices empower or weaken the strength of the average voter in New York State?

  3. On balance, would we be better off with a simple two-party system in which each party is an umbrella for a variety of issues?

  4. Should we retain our closed primary system (in which only registered members of a party are allowed to vote in its primary elections)?

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New York State Election Results from CNN

New York Liberal Party

New York State Constitution Party

New York State Democratic Party and if you need additional information on the Democratic Party -> Democratic National Committee

New York Republican State Committee and New York State Republican Party For information on the Republican Party.

Green Party of New York State

Independence Party of New York

Libertarian Party of New York (Not available 5/1/03)

Marijuana Reform Party of New York

Natural Law Party of New York

New York Right To Life Party (Not available 8/23/02)

Reform Party of New York (Not available 5/1/03)

Socialist Party of New York

Socialist Workers Party of New York

Working Families Party

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Grading Rubric

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Does New York really have a functioning multi-party system?

Do some people have better access to the parties than others?

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NY Standards 5.2, and 5.3, National Standards III and V for Citizenship, Participation and the Electoral Process as defined by the New York State Department of Education

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