Guidelines for Typewritten Work

The following are guidelines for submitting typewritten work. They attempt to represent the normally accepted standards of both the academic and business communities.

Saving work A student’s inability to reproduce work from a saved computer file breeds suspicion. Students are expected to do their own work.This includes using a computer to type their papers. This work, like anything else that is important needs to be saved.
Font Selection Selecting a font Serif fonts should be used (Times, Bookman, New York, Palatino, Schoolbook, etc.) Decorative font styles are not acceptable for research papers.
Text Size Text should be between 9 and 12 point in size.
Line Spacing Double-spaced text is acceptable. DO NOT press the Return or Enter key twice after each line. Use the computer functions to make text double spaced. Don’t put a lot of space in between paragraphs either.
Text Style The report should be set to “Plain Text”. Only crazy people type in all capital letters. Italics are for the names of books or other publications, movies and works of art. Bold text should be used for subtitles, not for much else. Unless you are using a typewriter, nothing should be underlined.
Margins Standard default margins should be used. One inch on the top and bottom, 1.25” on the sides.
Alignment ‘Justified’ is the accepted norm.
Indentation No more than a half an inch should be used at the start of a paragraph.
Spelling If you are using a computer, everything must be spelled correctly.
Grammar The latest versions of Microsoft Office identify possible grammar misusage. If a correction is necessary, it should be made.